"This is lovely.  All your books and pictures and..."
"Paperbacks and postcards, Jenny."
"It's all you need, isn't it?"
-An Education, 2009

Reading and writing are often seen as solitary acts, in constant clash with the energy and excitement of city life.  But when I chose to move from my comfortable Minnesota suburb to pursue creative writing in Chicago, it was with the hope that the city itself would serve as my inspiration.  I have not been disappointed.   Every new person I meet, or event I attend, confirm my belief that it is possible to infuse the grit and energy of city living with a passion for literature.  I may not be a word expert just yet, but I'm excited to have a place to share my opinions on the literary world, as I learn more and more about it each day.  Buzzed on caffeine and blinded by the city lights, I plan on using this blog to show the world just how much my books, my writing, and my city mean to me.

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